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      8 top allied healthcare industry news stories to keep you informed

      The health care industry changes fast. New regulations, big announcements, mergers, best-practices – it is all hard to keep up with. Don’t worry, we have a round up of the top breaking stories in allied healthcare. Get up-to-date on the industry’s most relevant news.




      Pharmacy Technicians Make Their Move in Vermont:

      Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) in Vermont now have the opportunity to be recognized for their professional role and as a valued member of the pharmacy team. Before 2016, pharmacy technician’s duties and responsibilities were lumped into one category, which stated that an individual performing those duties did not have to document formal education, training or certification.

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      Albertsons Produces First Pharmacy Tech in Nation to Administer Immunization:

      Pharmacies across the nation are providing more patients with more services than ever before. This increasing workload is creating the need for additional support and greater opportunities for qualified pharmacy technicians. The Idaho Board of Pharmacy, and its progressive approach to modernize its pharmacy technician rules, is setting an example for other states on truly recognizing the value of technicians in the workplace.

      Huge shout out to credentialed Pharmacy Technicians. This is a huge step towards advancing the pharmacy profession and the exciting times ahead.

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      Medical Assistants Put Innovations into Practice:

      Check out how medical assistants are making an impact! Northgate Medical Assistant (MA) Santino Telles, MAC, talks about the important role MAs play in his organization’s success—and how it has helped make his work more meaningful and rewarding.

      Read the full story from the MacColl Center at Kaiser Permanente>>


      Navigating the World of Credentials and Certifications is About to get Easier:

      What if we had a “GPS” for credentialing—an easy-to-use system that would help us navigate the maze of degrees, certificates, certifications, and other credentials in today’s workplace? Such a system would benefit everyone—including learners, employers, policymakers, career counselors, licensing and certification organizations and accrediting agencies—by providing accurate, current, and transparent information about the array of credentials awarded by multiple providers.

      National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is honored to be a co-sponsor of the Lumina Foundations Connecting Credentials initiative and to be participating in the pilot of the new Credentialing Registry, which works with credential providers to capture key descriptors of their credentials.

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      The Benefit of Apprenticeship in Healthcare:

      Since 1937, the United States has followed a framework for apprenticeships, primarily supported by skilled trade associations, however, healthcare is focusing more heavily on apprenticeships or externships to create the necessary skilled workforce for the thousands of unfilled jobs across the country.

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      And more on apprenticeships from The Hill >>


      Credentials of Economic Value:

      In the 1970’s, more than 70% of workers only needed a high school diploma to enter the workforce successfully, now more than 60% of jobs require post-secondary education and training. Individuals today wrestle with the question of whether or not going to college or pursuing an industry credential will give them the best return on investment.

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      Telemedicine is Top of Mind:

      Health systems report that telemedicine initiatives are top priorities for their health systems. For the second year in a row, improving patient outcomes (89 percent), improving patient engagement and satisfaction (86 percent) and improving patient convenience (82 percent) remain the top three objectives for telemedicine programs.

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      Investing in Frontline Healthcare Workers:

      Healthcare equals change. Aging populations, more individuals insured, pay for volume vs. pay for value, care moving from the hospital to ambulatory settings such as retail clinics and urgent care center, and changes in regulation. With these changes comes the need for more frontline healthcare workers to meet the increasing demand of a rapidly changing industry.

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