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      EKG Technician Career & Salary Outlook in 2020

      As healthcare evolves, we're always working to gain insights to help future and current frontline healthcare workers like EKG technicians access a better future. We recently surveyed hundreds of healthcare employers in search of information to help you on your path to success as an aspiring or current EKG technician. We shared a summary of our findings in the 2020 Industry Outlook, now available for download as a PDF. Download your copy today from this year's edition of accessTM: an allied health industry journal.

      Want a sneak peek? Below are a few highlights from the survey.


      The median salary of an EKG technician is $56,850.

      Salary can vary from $29-93K per year, which is a wide range. Certification, location, and employer can all have an impact. Becoming a Certified EKG Technician (CET) is a great way to maximize your earning potential, as 63% of institutions increase pay when an employee earns professional certification.

      EKG technician salary tange


      87% of institutions require or encourage certification.

      Employers say that nearly 80% of their EKG technicians are currently certified. Top reasons given for the importance of certification include standardized evidence of knowledge/skills, that it improves standard of care, and that it provides credibility.



      The average EKG technician runs 13 tests a day.

      The top three tasks of an EKG technician include setting up and administering EKGs, preparing patients for Holter or ambulatory monitoring, and setting up and administering stress tests. This requires specialized knowledge, and 75% of employers said that newly-certified EKG technicians were prepared to perform their job duties. 

      ekg technician runs 13 tests a day

      42% of employers said newly certified EKG technicians lacked communication skills.

      "Verbal communication" was also selected as one of the most important soft skills for EKG technicians to possess, indicating an opportunity for growth in this area. Many employers provide opportunities for soft skills development, such as in-person training, mentoring, online training, videos, and role-playing. Seek out these opportunities and if they are voluntary, participate! Doing so proves you value your profession and are committed to personal development. 

      Download an infographic with the latest EKG technicians stats.

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      An EKG Technician, who may also have the title of Monitor Technician, Telemetry Technician, Biomedical Equipment Technician, or Certified EKG Technician (CET), is an important part of the healthcare workforce. EKG technicians test the electrical activity of the heart, and play a part in treating and preventing heart disease. The need for skilled EKG technicians continues to rise.

      To learn more about this profession and certification, visit, and don't forget to download your copy of the 2020 Industry Outlook.



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