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      5 Secret Ways Working on Thanksgiving is Actually Kind of the Best

      Sickness doesn't take a holiday ... which means many healthcare professionals can't take one, either.

      Are you working this Thanksgiving? Great! Eat up the sympathy of others ... just don't tell them the secret ways working on Thanksgiving can actually be wonderful.ryan-christodoulou-398726-unsplash

      You might get some perks

      Many healthcare employers offer extra pay or overtime for working holidays. Some even prepare a scrumptious holiday meal for employees working on Thanksgiving! Extra money for holiday shopping and some yummy food? Sometimes you can have your pumpkin pie and eat it, too.


      The holiday vibes make work more fun

      You might find that it's a quiet day, and enjoy the intimate atmosphere of regular patients. It's a popular time for visitors, and you can enjoy the warm company of visiting families. Plus, you'll be spending the holiday with your work family — which is something special.


      You can skip the stress

      "Sorry, I'd love to clean the house top to bottom, prepare a turkey and all the fixings for the whole fam and bite my tongue when politics come up at the table, but I have to work. Darn." Are you really that sorry? There are some things that aren't so bad to miss out on.


      But you don't have to skip the gravy ... first dibs on leftovers!

      A Thanksgiving feast means leftovers! And chances are if you're missing out, your family and friends will make sure to save all your favorites for you. Dining alone? Plan ahead and prepare a holiday crockpot meal that will be waiting for you when your shift is over.


      You can feel good about what you're doing

      Can you imagine if hospitals and healthcare facilities shut down for holidays? You're providing a remarkable service to people who need compassionate care — and they might need it a little extra during this sentimental time.

      In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, we're grateful for your dedication and for truly putting the care in healthcare. We hope you realize how appreciated you are and enjoy the secret perks of working on the holiday!





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