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      4 heart facts for Valentine’s Day

      It’s the season of love, and millions will celebrate by exchanging heart-shaped valentines, candies and other gifts.

      The heart is associated with feelings of love, and although love is not a component of our CET exam, some of these fun facts suggest valid reasons for this connection.

      Hearts can literally break. 

      Heart attacks are more common following the death of a loved one — a risk that appears to decline in time as grief subsides. (Source)

      Did your heart skip a beat? It’s not your valentine, it’s your energy drink.

      If you get a feeling like your heart skipped a beat, it didn’t. You’re likely experiencing heart palpitations, which can be caused by too much caffeine, exercise and more. (Source)

      The stethoscope made things less awkward.

      Before the stethoscope, doctors had to press their ear directly to a patient’s chest. Modesty is what motivated this advancement. (Source)

      Follow your heart … it’s good for it.

      Investing in your education to pursue your career dreams can help minimize your chances of heart conditions. As your education level increases, your risks for heart disease decreases. (Source)

      February isn’t just about red and pink cards, flowers and candies. It’s also American Heart Month, and a great opportunity to learn more about your heart’s health. Learn about what you can do to help your heart’s health from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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