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      To the Healthcare Heroes


      Dear healthcare workers,

      While you combat COVID-19—the invisible enemy the world is fighting—we want you to know that we see you. We see your commitment to your vow to help others, and the sacrifices you're making to help your community, our country, and the whole world get through this pandemic.

      Most of us are at home, doing our part by practicing social distancing. So while we can't be at your side, cheering you on as you confront the enemy, we hope that you know we're behind you. We're proud of you, and incredibly grateful that you continue to show up during this crisis.

      "Thank you" doesn't quite seem to cut it, but thank you. We've always supported the frontline healthcare worker, but now more than ever, the whole world supports you, too.

      Your contributions are far from unnoticed. You're not just a healthcare worker, you're a healthcare warrior. A true hero to all of us at NHA, and throughout the world.

      -The NHA Team