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      4 Unexpected Ways Continuing Education Can Help Your Career

      Continuing Education (CE) can feel like exercise. You feel better once it's done, but it's difficult to take the initiative to start.

      We get it. That's why our CE credits, which are required to maintain certification status and required in certain states to maintain employment, are:

      • Diverse to match your needs/interests
      • Developed by experts who are in the field and understand what it takes to succeed
      • Are succinct yet impactful, so you can get the most benefit from your time investment

      To maintain certification, you must complete at least 10 CE hours every two years. But maintaining your NHA certification is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits of CE. Here are a few unexpected ways CE can help you—no matter where you are in your healthcare career.



      1. Continuing education can improve your marketability during a job search.

      Having a respected healthcare credential is important, and often, it's required. Achieving a certification proves to employers you have demonstrated certain knowledge and skills, but continuing education takes it a step further. Completing CE credits shows that you understand the importance of keeping your knowledge up-to-date, and showcases how committed you are to your professional growth.


      2. Continuing education can help you expand to new roles.

      It's not uncommon for healthcare professionals to stack credentials. If you're interested in making a career transition, continuing education can be a bridge to get there. You'll show employers you're serious about learning new skills, and have a variety of skills to expand your role.


      3. Continuing education can make your job easier.

      Our continuing education curriculum is based on trends, changes, and demands in the healthcare workforce. The insights you gain from our expert contributors can translate into knowledge you can use regularly while on the job.


      4. Continuing education can improve your self-image.

      Education is a self-development tool. Furthering your education is a great way to improve your confidence, which will reflect in how you conduct yourself with patients, colleagues, and bosses. By improving your own self-image, you're also impacting the perceptions others have of you.


      According to a survey, over 83% of NHA certificate holders use the NHA CE library because it's easy to access and apply toward recertification. Sign in to browse the diverse and robust catalog of CE opportunities, and gain access to valuable curriculum that can help support your career growth.


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