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      3 Ways NHA P360 Vitals™ Can Help You Prepare For Your Certification Exam


      NHA P360 Vitals™ is a powerful analytics tool that helps you navigate exam prep materials and maximize your study time. And the best part is – if you’re using NHA exam prep materials, it’s available to you right now!

      As you make your way through study guides, quizzes, practice assessments, and Focused Review™, P360 Vitals™ serves as your scorekeeper, analyst, and coach. It shows personalized data on how you’re performing in each area of your prep materials and suggests which areas to focus on, so you can make the most of your study time.

      Here are three ways you can use P360 Vitals™ to make sure you’re exam-ready:

      1. P360 Vitals™ tracks what you’ve completed

      Quickly see which study guide modules, quizzes and practice exams you’ve completed, and which have not been completed. Each module card is displayed as either gray (not started), yellow (in progress), or green (complete). Links are provided from each card directly into that section of the study guide, so you can dive right in.

      Tracking your progress in this visual way makes it almost like a game, and helps you feel a sense of accomplishment as more and more of the module cards turn green. It also makes it easy for you to mark milestones and give yourself small rewards along the way to fuel you to the finish line.

      Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 2.53.24 PM


      2. P360 Vitals™ determines what you should do next

      Have you ever sat down to study only to spend the first 10 minutes figuring out where to start? Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and watching just *one more* YouTube video to curb that anxiety turns into a time suck of procrastination.

      Say goodbye to blank screens and procrastination. P360 Vitals™ helps you pick up right where you left off. Not only does it show you tasks you haven’t yet completed, but it also quickly identifies specific learning gaps to help you make the most of your study time, whether you have 10 free minutes or two focused hours.


      3. P360 Vitals™ identifies areas you need to improve

      A baseball player can swing a bat thousands of times with little improvement. But when a coach watches them and identifies something specific to focus on, they can get better in just a few swings.

      P360 Vitals™ is like a coach, closely monitoring your performance and identifying where you need more practice to improve through the Content Focus section. In this section, each module is displayed and ordered by performance from lowest to highest, and each links directly to the Focused Review where you can see your personalized report that details content you may have missed on your practice tests.

      Content Focus - What content should I focus on?













      How to access P360 Vitals™

      You can access Vitals right now by logging into your Certification Portal and clicking the “Track My Progress” button. There, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions in the Resources section of your P360 Vitals™ report.