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      Healthcare Job Seekers: Beware of These Social Media Mistakes

      Your first impression happens before you even step foot into your interview. Employers are getting to know you online first, meaning your social media presence can help you — or hinder you — in getting a healthcare job.

      Although the allied healthcare industry is growing, it’s still a competitive market. Employers want to know they can trust you in literally life-changing situations. Is your online presence throwing them any red flags? Avoid these mistakes to ensure you make a good digital first impression.

      Neglecting your pages

      Did you create a LinkedIn profile but haven't added your new training or credentials? Maybe you created a Twitter profile but you only tweeted a few times just to enter a contest? Take inventory of your presence on social sites and make sure they are up to date. Especially LinkedIn, which is viewed as the professional social site and is essentially a dynamic version of your resume.

      Being negative

      It’s easy to complain about that horrible service experience you had at dinner last night. Or bash a political candidate you’re not a fan of. Or even complain about a fellow co-worker (yikes!). But when you’re looking for a job, employers are looking at you. And if your feeds are filled with negativity, that’s not the best first impression. Stay positive and delete any posts you wouldn’t want your potential boss to see.

      Faking it

      You want to give a professional appearance and impress your future healthcare employer, but not at the expense of being fake. If you update your profiles to say you volunteer to save kittens when in fact you’re allergic to cats, it could come up once you get the job and out you as a fake. Showcase your best authentic self, not someone else.

      That one time in Vegas

      What happens in Vegas stays on social media. You might have forgotten about that photo on Facebook from your college party days, but your potential employer won’t. Go through your photos and hide or delete anything that could be a red flag to a hiring manager. Even if your account is set to a private setting, anything on the internet is at risk of being found.

      Not using your network to your advantage

      One of the powerful things about social media is keeping connections. If you apply for a position at XYZ Hospital, check your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to see if anyone in your network works there. Reach out to them for a coffee date to get insight that could help you get the job. They might even put their neck out for you and help you land it.

      Now that we’ve covered a few things not to do, here are some takeaways of things to do to help ensure your social media pages are job-seeking ready.

      A Job Seeker’s Social Media Checklist

      • Take inventory of your social pages to make sure they’re up to date
      • Polish and update your LinkedIn profile - remember if you’re #NHACertified you can add your certification to your LinkedIn profile page!
      • Remove any negative or offensive posts
      • Remove any unprofessional photos
      • Reach out to your connections to help with your job search
      • Be yourself! (Online and in-person.)

      Good luck on your search and don’t forget to check out our Career Resources page to help you find the right path for you.

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