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      5 things you didn't know about medical assistants

      What do you know about medical assisting? Here at NHA, we've watched this allied health career evolve into a profession that's respected and rewarding in so many ways. In celebration of Medical Assistants Recognition Week, here are five things you might not know about medical assisting.


      1. Medical assistants are starting to lead.


      Medical assistants are at the center of patient care. They often act as the patient advocate as they work with a variety of doctors and specialists. This is especially true in T.E.A.M.-based care settings — a model that is growing increasingly popular. (Learn more about T.E.A.M.-based care here.)


      2. Jobs, and pay, are increasing.graphic-1606688_1280.png

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant jobs are expected to grow 23% by 2024. In 2015, medical assistant's median pay was $30,590 per year. And in some states, pay is as much as $22/hour


      3. Medical assisting can be a family-friendly career.pexels-photo-173666.jpeg

      It's a common belief that anything in the medical profession equates to irregular and long hours. But many medical assistants enjoy their regular hours, often working the standard 40 hours per week. This makes this profession an ideal fit for someone looking for stability and a regular schedule.


      4. Grab your sneakers — medical assistants cross train.


      OK, it's not that kind of cross training. Because of the variety of tasks medical assistants perform day to day, they are cross-trained to perform clinical and administrative tasks. Learn more about the medical assistant role here.


      5. Getting certified can help medical assistants get promotions and raises.


      Becoming a nationally certified medical assistant can help give professionals a competitive edge when finding work or seeking growth. Greg Stanfield, the Executive Director/Dean of Education and Stevens-Henager College says:

      "We've seen remarkable results [from partnering with NHA to help their students earn their CCMA]. Our students are getting great jobs in the public and private sector, and the certifications are helping them earn promotions and raises. These jobs mean a lot to our students and their families."

      (Read this case study here.)

      Bonus: Medical Assistants Recognition Week!

      NHA is celebrating those medical assistants who truly put the "care" in healthcare. Check out our free resources to celebrate MAs for medical assistant recognition week! 


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