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Continuing Education for Pharmacy Technicians

Maintain technician certification and strengthen career development.


Soft Skills Training for Pharmacy Technicians

9 Hours   I    0.9 CEU   I   On-Demand  I  $80

NHA’s PersonAbility™ is a virtual simulation soft-skills training resources that provides pharmacy technicians with a safe environment to learn, practice, and develop essential skills that community pharmacies need.

  • Interact with fully animated virtual patients
  • Navigate through the scenarios by selecting what to say to the virtual patient
  • Receive instant feedback from the patient, family members, virtual coach and engagement meter
  • Revise decisions to explore different approached to the conversation
  • Receive personalized performance summary upon completion
  • Uses NHA’s three-step AIM methodology

How it Works

Register for the online course
Complete the full, online training
Complete final assessment and receive CE credit

Topics Covered in PersonAbility:


Communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, and written)




Professionalism and personal brand


Empathy and compassion

Immunization Administration Training for Pharmacy Technicians

4 Hours   I    0.4 CEU   I   On-Demand  I  $249

A 6-hour ACPE-accredited continuing education course intended for pharmacy technicians who are interested in learning the information and obtaining the skills necessary to become immunizers. This course consists of 4 hours of on-demand course work that is self-directed, followed by a live 2-hour virtual workshop.

Pharmacy technician learners must attend the live, virtual workshop with a pharmacist immunizer present. As part of the live workshop, pharmacy technicians must demonstrate appropriate immunization technique by administering two injection.

How it Works

Register for the online course
Complete the full, online training
Schedule your live, virtual assessment

Course follows CDC guidance and is HHS compliant.


CPE accredited 6-hour, education course specifically for technicians to learn the skills required to immunize.


A unique opportunity to partner with your pharmacist for administration technique assessment PLUS personalized coaching through your assessment.

Group rates available

We know flexibility and prompt training is important. That's why we have 2 options to support your technician training needs. Both our training plans allow your technicians to begin their online course work immediately.

Attend a scheduled virtual training date

Technicians begin their online course work immediately after invoice is approved. Your Technicians may self-select a date that works for them to join our live, virtual training with technicians across the country. There are 4-8 dates to select from each month (with more being added, as needed!)

Schedule your own, private technician training

Technicians begin their online course work immediately after invoice is approved. Coordinate with your NHA partner to secure a personalized training date.

"Our pharmacy trained all of our technicians to administer immunizations one evening after the pharmacy closed. We signed all of our techs up at one time and chose an evening where 2 of our pharmacists could be there to help support our team through the training (done over Zoom). By the end of the night all of our technicians were trained, and we felt comfortable in their abilities since we witnessed their technique assessment. The whole process took about 2 weeks, start to finish. If you are looking for a turnkey way to train your technicians AND feel confident in their skills."

Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Co-Owner at Towncrest Pharmacies

"The impact of not having those [soft] skills, it just lends itself to a poor experience all around… because what is healthcare? It’s caring. And that part has to be there."

Lisa Davila, RN
Director of service excellence at Platte Valley Medical Center

Certification Means Validation

Certification is often considered a pre-requisite for your immunization training and is a critical step towards advancing in the pharmacy technician profession.

With pharmacies now offering more direct patient care and health services than ever before, certification has never been more important. With the confidence and validation that is provided through certification, pharmacy technicians can help prevent patient medication error, enable pharmacists to spend more time with patients, and ultimately, lead to better outcomes.


Upheld by rigorous exam standards to ensure practitioner competency for the ExCPT® exam.

Each year, NHA makes significant investments to maintain the highest quality accredited certification exams.


Accepted everywhere certification is required or preferred to expand technician scope of practice.

Developed based on in-depth research to accurately reflect the skills and competencies required for pharmacy technicians in today’s market.


Accepted in all states as well as all states that either expand the number of permitted pharmacy technicians or the scope of pharmacy technician practice based on certification.

NHA + CEimpact

We've collaborated with our partners at CEimpact to provide you and your pharmacy technicians with the most modern, engaging continuing education content available.

CEimpact is an industry leader in pharmacy education and training. Through CE courses, subscription services, advanced certificates, and The Pharmacy Network app, CEimpact’s learning experiences empower healthcare professionals and support their lifelong learning journey. Partnerships enable clients to provide education through content development, accreditation, group subscriptions, and learning management solutions.

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