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CTE Village

Feb. 28, at 12 p.m. Central


Learn about innovation happening in your CTE village.

We are celebrating CTE month by collecting and sharing examples of the innovative work happening in health science CTE programs across the U.S. and inviting our CTE connections to come together and learn from one another.  


95% of the meeting will cover examples of innovation.

After a very quick welcome from our hosts, Laura Flynn and Jen Dehn, two of NHA's biggest CTE enthusiasts, they will begin sharing as many examples as they can fit into 45- minutes.  


Register and share an example via our form.

After registering, use this form to submit an example of innovation in CTE instruction, leadership, or programming that you feel would benefit the health science CTE community.  You are welcome to share an example of your own innovation, or tell us about a peer who is innovating in the CTE health science space.

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Depending on your role, here are some ideas:

CTE Health Sciences Instructors 

  • Did you have a mentor or teacher that helped you get started?  
  • What was the best advice you received when you first got started certifying students? 
  • How do you engage your students in the course material? 
  • What's your most successful health sciences lesson plan? 
  • How do you attract more students to your health science courses? 
  • How do you give your students the confidence they need to pass the certification exam? 
  • How are you working with employers in your area to connect students to externships and jobs?  

CTE Health Sciences Leaders/Directors 

  • Do you have a health science teacher you'd like to recognize? How have they impacted your program, and what do they do that makes them so outstanding? 
  • How are you working on expanding or funding your health sciences CTE program?  


Laura Flynn

Director, CareerTechnical Education Division

Laura Flynn is the Director of the Career and Technical Education Division at National Healthcareer Association. She oversees partnerships with school districts, helping them align with state and federal Career and Technical Education (CTE) goals. On a mission to help every student access a meaningful career, she is focused on improving health science education and creating pathways that lead to industry credentials.

Prior to taking on her role at National Healthcareer Association, Laura gained experience in workforce development and education as a Workforce Advisor for a private university. Through her experiences in creating pathways for non-traditional students she developed a passion for helping individuals gain access to sustainable careers. Additionally, Laura has experience in the architecture and construction industry.

Laura Flynn has spoken at many industry events, including ACTE’s CareerTech Vision, The Credentialing Summit, and numerous state and regional conference events.

Jen Dehn

CTE RegionalPartnerships Manager

Jen Dehn is a Regional Partnerships Manager in the CTE Division for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). She manages a team of specialists who work one-on-one with secondary Health Science programs across the nation to help them get started implementing NHA’s nationally recognized, accredited certifications. She is passionate about creating opportunities in secondary education—specifically for all the ways CTE programs help students get a leg up before they enter the workforce or go on for additional education.Prior to her role at NHA, Jen spent seven years in post-secondary education focused on helping non-traditional students find a pathway to start or advance their careers. Since making the switch to the CTE field, she has become very invested in ensuring secondary health science students nationwide have equitable access to the incredible opportunities industry-recognized training and credentials can provide.

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