It's no secret, healthcare is always evolving. Legislation changes, expanding roles, and technology advancements have transformed healthcare. Despite the advances, this industry is learning to do more with less as health systems and private practices are trying to account for provider and practitioner shortages.

As a part of our commitment to providing nationally accredited certification exams that support the careers of allied health professionals, we continually conduct job task analyses with industry professionals. When our task force of experts from across the country identifies shifts in specific healthcare roles, we address these changes in our high-stakes certification exams. It’s our responsibility to ensure our allied health certifications reflect the needs of healthcare employers and the patients they serve.

As you prepare candidates to take these exams, we recognize any changes to the exam require you to make some adjustments to test preparation and lesson plans.

The team here at NHA recognizes the challenges that you face when you need to ensure your students are prepared for a new version of a certification exam, and we’re here to help. As a start, we’ve outline five steps you can stake to help simplify the transition to a new test plan.

5 steps to help you transition to a new test plan

1. Evaluate your current education plan and curriculum to be sure it aligns with any revised content areas on the new exam. You should begin implementing these content shifts in your programs approximately three to six months before your first testing date with the new test plan.

2. Do some research to determine if an exam crosswalk already exists detailing the content gaps between the current exam and the future exam your students will take. If this doesn’t exist, take the time to create your own. If you are currently partnering with NHA, your certification specialist can help you with this step.

3. Make a list of your upcoming exam dates to determine what preparation products should be used for each cohort or candidate. It is critical to use the appropriate products that were meant for the exam version being taken.

4. Communicate with your candidates. Sitting for high-stakes exams can be intimidating. Clear and timely communication will help ease anxieties and ensure that they are taking the right steps to prepare using the most current test plan. Share this blog post with them for some additional study tips: How to Read A Test Plan (the insider’s study secret).

5. Ask questions. During these times of transition, clarity is crucial to success. Don’t be afraid to reach out to an NHA certification specialist or contact our customer care team to ask for help. We are cheering you on!

What test plan is next for NHA?

Early in 2020, NHA will be updating our Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist exam (CEHRS). New preparation resources will be available in March with the new exam going live in June. Check back frequently for more information and official dates. They will be published on our CEHRS web page.





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