Editor's Note: This is the second in a three-part series focusing on MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical.

According to a 2022 MGMA Stat Poll, the MA position remains one of the most challenging positions to fill. Often faced with a small pool of unqualified candidates, employers must weigh the risk of burning out existing staff by waiting for the right MA candidate to apply or hiring someone underqualified and investing in on-the-job training. The MA skills gap is a significant concern in the healthcare industry, which is why we developed MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical.

Skills Gap Solution

The pain stemming from this skills gap is not felt by healthcare leaders alone. New MAs face a wide range of responsibilities in highly stressful environments. That is why we worked with employers to develop a comprehensive and straightforward skills-competency tool to ease the burden.

MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical, is an NHA product that actively engages, instructs, and empowers MA candidates and professionals to provide the best possible patient care.

This experiential and immersive training tool engages learners through 12 modules to master 39 different sought-after MA skills via interactive roleplay, video walk-throughs, practice activities, and simulation-based quizzes. Learners are virtually placed on the job with patients and presented with MA skills drills that include decisions they’ll need to make. Learners must finish these interactive sessions without stopping, just as they would in real life. The tool provides immediate feedback based on their choices, and passing scores demonstrate skill competency.


We can say that MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical improves student engagement and prepares students for employment opportunities, but it’s more impactful coming from the users themselves:

“There were several things I found impressive (about MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical). Most of those were around the ability to choose material as a learner. I could watch videos, read text, etc. I was given an initial walk-through, provided skill-specific videos, and then, I could access everything again from the summary… this is well done!” -Student

“Rich onboarding and preceptor program.” -Employer

“I would like to use this as an integral part of my lessons each day with my students, along with the instructor resources. -Educator

Are you an employer who is responsible for staffing decisions? Read the final blog in our three-part-series on MA recruitment and retention, Employer Must-Do's to Recruit & Retain Quality Medical Assistants.




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