Editor's Note: This is the second in a three-part series that focuses on MA SkillsBuilder: Clinical, a new product to launch in February 2022.

Choosing to enter the medical assistant profession is an inspirational move that illustrates heart, compassion, and care for the individuals around you and those who live in your community. The medical assistant role, though — as any MA will tell you — is a difficult one. It requires perseverance and a skills mastery that only time and dedication can solidify. 

Nationally, the MA profession is also experiencing a worker shortage, which means MAs perform more advanced skills than ever before. More than half of all employers surveyed in NHA’s 2021 Industry Outlook reported that MAs have seen increased responsibility compared to 2020. In addition to their normal duties, they’re now performing skills like:

  • Phone screening and triage
  • Medical scribing 
  • Health coaching 
  • Translating 
  • Running panel reports 
  • And more

Increased responsibilities and an ever-changing work environment have created a skills gap that MAs must traverse. Without the right skills on day one, MA candidates and hiring employers are unlikely to succeed.

Skills Gap Solution

MAs must feel comfortable with a range of skills to handle the different scenarios they’ll face daily and often under stress and pressure. That can be a daunting task of any MA, which is why we asked employers what skills they need on day one, and then we sought to develop a comprehensive and straightforward skills-competency tool that employers recognize.  

In February 2022, NHA is releasing MA SkillsBuilder: Clinical, a product that actively engages, instructs and empowers MA candidates and professionals to provide the best possible patient care.  

This experiential and immersive training tool engages learners through 12 modules to master 39 different sought-after MA skills via interactive roleplay, video walk-throughs, practice activities and sim-based quizzes. Learners are virtually placed on the job with patients and presented with MA skills drills that include decisions they’ll need to make. Learners must finish these interactive sessions without stopping just as they would in real life. The tool provides immediate feedback based on their choices, and passing scores demonstrate skill competency. 

 Visit info.nhanow.com/ma-skillsbuilder-clinical to start learning more! 




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