Technician Recognition is on the Rise


Editor's Note: Pharmacy Technician Day is Oct. 19! The following editorial was written by Jessica Langley-Loep, executive director of education and advocacy at NHA, on her recent attendance of the NCPA Annual Convention and in celebration of Pharmacy Technician Day.

“Pharmacy Technicians are the backbone of my pharmacy.” 
“A great pharmacy technician makes all the difference in the success of our pharmacy.”
“My technicians run almost every aspect of my pharmacy business.”

These were all comments shared with me by pharmacists, pharmacy owners and pharmacy leaders at the recent NCPA Annual Convention, which supports and showcases the work of thousands of independent pharmacies across the country.  

I’ve been emersed in the pharmacy technician profession during my tenure with NHA, and this was the first time conversations at NCPA included and recognized the value and work of pharmacy technicians. Of course, we have been combatting a global pandemic for the past 18 months, and pharmacies have become “the place” consumers and patients have turned to for testing, immunization and other healthcare needs. However, I had the opportunity at NCPA to speak directly to executives from pharmacy technology and software companies, insurance groups, and state pharmacy associations. I also spoke with pharmacy owners and technicians, and the message was all the same: Technicians are on the rise in more ways than one.   

Pharmacy technicians are being recognized for —

  • Their dedication and commitment to the profession
  • The variety of roles and support that they provide within pharmacies   

Positives in Pharmacy Regulation 

Pharmacy operations aside, shifts are also occurring in pharmacy regulation. For example, the pandemic pushed the Department of Health and Human Services to issue emergency orders calling on pharmacy technicians to administer COVID and other immunizations to help with pharmacy demand. And it’s a model that has seen continued success.  

About 12 states have already taken action to make those rules permanent, a precedent that is sure to change the landscape of how pharmacies support vaccination adherence now and in the future. 

The in-person NCPA Annual Convention left me and others confident of the profession’s continued growth. I’m excited to watch as new partnerships and alliances are sure to form from this conference that will produce great opportunities for the profession.  




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