MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative

      NHA’s experiential training tool focuses on key skills competencies so learners master technical and job-ready knowledge to handle front and back-office administrative responsibilities.

      Available December 2022

      If you represent an employer, educator or government organization, schedule your personalized demo. If you're a learner, visit our Get Certified page.

      Improved Learner Engagement

      NHA’s interactive, experiential resources immerse the learner in skills training, resulting in greater understanding and better engagement, as well as improved exam readiness.

      Better Prepared Learners

      Prepare students for externship and subsequent employment opportunities through proven skill competencies and the ability to track student performance.

      Job-Ready Candidates

      Provide employers with job-ready candidates by focusing on the key skills they require.

      Through video and interactive experiences, users learn to think critically, make on-the-job decisions and excel in a demanding profession.

      Medical Administrative Assistants are in high demand. These positions are projected to grow 22% through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      By providing learners with extremely accessible and thorough resources, MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative provides a practical application of skills for common on-the-job scenarios.

      • Improves exam and job readiness
      • Allows schools and employers to track progress
      • Saves time for educators and employers
      • Better aligns with employer key skill competency requirements for new hires
      • Online Platform supports hybrid learning
      • Cost-effective

      Who can use MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative?

      NHA’s MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative is intended for MA students pursuing their certification and employers interested in upskilling staff. 


      Where & How to Access MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative?

      The program is easily accessible online via a laptop, tablet or mobile device and is designed for skills training in the classroom, lab, externship and workplace settings.



      MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative Product Details

      Master the top 25 administrative skills identified by employers with an engaging yet flexible digital learning solution.

      MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative offers relevant, contextual, flexible and engaging content that helps learners master the top 25 administrative skills identified by employers.

      You'll engage with and have access to:

      • A patient experience coach
      • Case studies
      • Skills immersion activities
      • Facilitator toolkits
      • And so much more!

      Your LMS + our learning materials in one, seamless integration

      If you're an educator or manager, you know preparing your learners for success means more than just arming them with great content and learning tools. It also requires convenient access to the great content and learning tools and we've got you covered there too!

      We provide access to all NHA materials directly from your institution’s learning management system (LMS) using a Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)-Based Cartridge. The LTI functionality allows your institution to securely launch content and activities directly from your LMS for convenient access to all your materials, all in one place.

      This means less time on administrative tasks, fewer manual errors and more focus on your learners' success.


      • Compatible with most major LMS platforms
      • Easy access for learners through single sign-on (SSO)
      • Automatic syncing of scores with LMS grade book