PharmaSeer™ Confidently prepare your technician trainees.

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      Pharmacies, live and virtual classrooms


      Trainees or students in a pharmacy technician training program


      Online, on-demand access to improve training and learning efficiency

      PharmaSeer™ is a digital learning resource built to supplement your existing training or education program. It allows learners to confidently build key technician skills while providing facilitators with clear visibility to learner performance for increased efficiency and confident learner assessment.


      • 1,400 scored assessment questions
      • 700 self-evaluation assessments to practice comprehension of content presented
      • More than 130 ‘my practice’ questions to build confidence in difficult-to-master topics

      Data and Insights

      • Visibility into product usage and performance
      • Understand content mastery or remediation opportunities
      • Easily referenced dashboards deliver relevant user performance

      Supporting Resources

      • Includes educator and facilitator implementation guides
      • Recommendations for hands-on practice activities
      • Works in conjunction with PharmaSeer Math™

      Comprehensive didactic content

      • 20 modules and 140 lessons
      • Meets ASHP/ACPE entry-level pharmacy technician didactic standards
      • Rich media and interactive-learning features

      Why PharmaSeer™?

      Launch your technicians’ pharmacy careers with data-driven learning.

      • Flexible, turn-key solution to accommodate the needs of different program types, durations and learning styles
      • Analytics show clear visibility into product usage and performance for confident task and role assignments
      • Meets ASHP/ACPE 2019 entry-level pharmacy technician didactic standards


      Interactive learning features


      Self-reporting assessment checks evaluate learners' confidence before each lesson and again at the end of each lesson to help build learners' self-awareness and reliance.

      self check 2 giphy

      Learning gamification

      Sorting and matching activities help learners to reinforce key concepts of content presented.

      matching giphy


      Flashcards help learners master key concepts and terminology as well as top 200 most-prescribed medications, including brand and generic name, therapeutic class and most common indication(s).

      flashcards giphy

      User-friendly analytics

      Learner and facilitator dashboards make it easy to monitor learner usage, performance and seat time for easy tracking.

      Analytics image