Digital learning resource to master calculations used in pharmacy practice


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      Trainees or students in a pharmacy technician training program  


      • Pharmacies  
      • Live and virtual classrooms  
      • At home study  

      Learning Modules

      • Module 1: Introduction and Measurement Basics  
      • Module 2: Dispensing Calculations, Business Math  
      • Module 3: Single-dose Calculations  
      • Module 4: Compounding Calculations  
      • Module 5: Calculations for Special Circumstances 

      Complicated dosage calculations pose a safety challenge to pharmacy operations.

      Through interactive learning, PharmaSeer MathTM prepares current and future pharmacy technicians with the skills to master calculations used across all pharmacy settings to reduce calculation errors.


      Designed specifically to fit the needs of pharmacy technicians

      Variety of Calculation Methods

      Everyone learns differently, that's why PharmaSeer MathTM demonstrates three calculation methods. This empowers learners to choose which calculation method works best for their learning style. Walkthrough animations and step-by-step activities show how to perform each calculation method.




      Try PharmaSeer Math™ on its own or in combination with PharmaSeer™. 

      PharmaSeer is a digital learning resource built to supplement your existing training or education program. It allows learners to confidently build key technician skills while providing facilitators with clear visibility to learner performance for increased efficiency and confident learner assessment. 

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