As an allied health instructor or trainer, you are often juggling multiple priorities: always doing what is best for your learners, trying to instruct based on the industry’s needs, while also trying to meet (and exceed) the standards and goals set by your institution. After all, we all want to be stand-out employees.  

How do you do it? Implementing the use of online learning resources is a start. Many of them contain additional tools that a textbook can’t deliver. However, it’s important to note, not all online resources are created equal. With the right menu of features, you can command the classroom, deliver engaging lessons, and earn an A+ instructor evaluation! 

Here are three ways online resources can help you stand out. 

1. Spend more time teaching and less time on operational tasks

One of the many advantages of online resources is the ability to update them. NHA is constantly monitoring the content in our online study materials and other products like PharmaSeer™ making adjustments when necessary. This seamless update process is much easier on you and your institution’s bank account, as they don’t need to be reprinted and repurchased as often as textbooks do.  

 Be on the lookout for other features that can save you time, like the ability to load assignments into a learner's account or assign quizzes with score tracking. How much time do you spend writing quiz questions, making answer keys and writing homework assignments?

You can get that time back by moving from paper to digital. Even better, the logistics of textbook pick-up just got easier. Online resources only require a log-in, with no pick-up location or additional staffed event before the course even starts. 

2. Propel your learners to success by creating custom remediation plans. 

 As learners access their online learning resources, they are creating a digital footprint that can help you better understand their levels of engagement, their study habits, and their comprehension of the material. The better the reporting function, the better view you have into your learners’ needs.  

 Many of NHA’s online study materials include NHA P360 Vitals, a reporting tool that provides on-demand access to your learners usage and performance of their online resources. This allows you to provide targeted remediation from the cohort all the way down to the individual level. Another bonus: learners have access to their NHA study materials for up to two years.  

Learn more about P360 Vitals


3. Confidently report up and across the leadership at your institution. 

We are living in the days of datalet it work for you! With digital learning resources, you can easily identify gaps in curriculum. Use the data to support you when you recognize the need for change in your allied health programs. Also, don’t be afraid to acknowledge a job well done and identify the many strengths inside your organization. It will become apparent through the use of digital learning tools. Your supervisor will thank you!  

Often online resources have more content than a typical text book simply because it is more cost effective. They also more dynamically address different learning styles with rich media content.  Everyone wins in this digital age. When your curriculum is set, speak up and request resources that will benefit you, your learners and your organization.  




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