As value-based care continues to be a hot topic in healthcare, input from the patient is just as important as input from the provider when deciding how to move forward. As care teams champion the patients' needs, they also need patients to commit and follow-through to achieve positive outcomes.

True reform hinges on creating a culture that is focused on patient self-motivation, through behavioral and inspirational support from qualified healthcare professionals – a health coach. 

Who can be a health coach?

Who can be a health coach? All members of the care team can benefit from understanding the motivational techniques of communication and other essential soft skills needed to form an honest relationship with those in their care. Medical assistants make exceptional coaches because they are often the first and last point of clinical contact during each visit.

A health coach does not manage patient actions but rather focuses on facilitating behavior change. They can support the provider and the patient by maintaining engagement with those who have chronic conditions. They can help bridge the gap between the goals a provider has for the patient and what the patient wants. They help create sustainable behavior changes and offer support and options for the patient to use to incorporate positive changes towards better health.

Opportunities for growth

Healthcare employers can give everyone on the care team the opportunity to continue growing in their career and working at the top of their license. As more practices transform to a patient-centered, or team-based care model there is an increased need for support staff such as health coaches.

Families benefit from having a healthcare advocate within each visit. Healthy patients will remain that way longer as they become more engaged in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and those who experience chronic health problems may get back on track with their health or at least be more proactive in their care.

Providers and staff benefit by having a dedicated person assigned to patients to increase communication and engagement and the healthcare organization and payers benefit because healthy lifestyle goals are being met which reduces overall healthcare costs.

Together, patients and their coaches have the power to completely transform the patient experience. Don’t know where to start? We can help, click below to learn more about NHA’s Principles of Health Coaching™ product.

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