In writing the 2021 edition of access™: an allied health industry journal, it was not lost on us that the healthcare industry, and specifically those working on the front lines, had just gone through what might have been the most challenging year in their careers.

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While COVID-19 was devastating on so many levels, we wanted to tell some of the stories that have risen to the surface in the middle of a tragic and uncertain year. Some stories show the strength of the human spirit to innovate and to stand strong in spite of such challenging circumstances. Other stories and snapshots give us a look at what motivated those individuals to pursue healthcare careers in the first place.

We’ll also hear from those who believe so strongly in what they’ve chosen to do that they now invest in others, educating and inspiring upcoming healthcare professionals— even those in high school—who will soon be entering the medical field. These stories and pictures remind us that those frontline healthcare workers we’ve applauded and lauded over the past year are real people with families and fears—and fight.

This edition of access™ is dedicated to the survivors and thrivers—to those who have given it their all, to those who have conquered, and to those who have known defeat; to those who have lost careers, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Not just to the ones who showed up every day, but also to the ones who showed up only when they were able, who found themselves stretched beyond their capabilities, yet never gave up. To healthcare workers on the front lines, to the educators who trained them, and to the institutions who employ them: We salute you.

As an advocate of frontline healthcare workers everywhere, please enjoy, utilize, and share this journal in support and in celebration of those who are making an impact on public health every day. Please know we are honored to partner with you as we empower others to access a better future.

JessicaL-HeadshotJessica Langley, MS, B.S.R.T. (R)(CT)
Executive Director of Education & Advocacy






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