Principles of Health Coaching™

Learning and practice for every member of the care team

"It improved my understanding, even though I have been working and teaching in the medical field for over 20 years."

Nurse, Principles of Health Coaching™ beta user


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Current and future clinical care professionals with roles that involve  frequent patient interaction. 
  • Medical assistant
  • Nurse (LPN, RN, NP, CNC)
  • Social worker
  • Care coordinator
  • Front office staff


1. Introduction to Health Coaching

2. Collaboration & Communication

3. Relationships and Responsibilities of a Health Coach

4. Motivational Interviewing (featuring virtual simulation)


  • ANCC accredited
  • Built to meet ACAP accreditation requirements
  • 7 continuing education credits for nurses (CNE) and NHA certification holders (CE)


  • Education - live and distance-learning clinical health programs
  • Healthcare -  clinical healthcare practices such as primary care and ambulatory care


NHA’s Principles of Health Coaching™ provides a simple, innovative way for educators and employers of clinical care professionals to help their clinicians build the necessary skills for better patient communication, education and engagement.

Practical & Convenient

  • Built to accommodate a variety of clinical professions such as nurses, MAs and clinicians with frequent patient interaction
  • Self-paced and online for flexible learning
  • Lessons designed to be completed in 20-30 minutes

Foundational communication skills that work

  • Curated content developed by health coaching experts
  • An entire module on motivational interviewing (MI), the heart of effective health coaching
  • Final assessment to accurately measure user competency of the learning objectives

Innovative learning process

  • Experiential learning of motivational interviewing (MI) through virtual simulation
  • Knowledge checks and quizzes to test user comprehension throughout the learning process
  • Trackable analytics that provide insight to users’ product usage and performance for simplified reporting

Many patients today are challenged in making lasting behavior changes for their health.

Health coaching techniques have proven to be successful in empowering patients, especially those with chronic conditions, to make positive behavior changes for improved outcomes.


50% of patients leave visits not understanding the information they received


Less than 10% of patients adhere to prescribed lifestyle changes


50% of patients adhere to prescribed medications

Who can practice health coaching?

A full-time health coach isn’t the only person that can deliver health coaching benefits to patients. Many clinical roles would benefit from practicing fundamental health coaching skills as a part of their everyday practice. Identifying which specific roles will vary depending on the structure and needs of the practice, however, some of the most common roles requiring health coaching skills include:

  • Medical assistant
  • Nurse (LPN, RN, NP) or clinical nurse specialist
  • Social worker
  • Care coordinator
  • Front office staff