National Pharm Tech Day is October 18 and it’s a perfect day to recognize and honor the hard work each pharmacy technician provides. But we know technicians work hard every day, so why not celebrate their dedication year-round? With so many new responsibilities and higher demand across the profession, it’s more important than ever to recognize your technicians. Sincere appreciation goes a long way in increasing job satisfaction in a field where burnout has been high.
Here are a few ideas to recognize your pharmacy technicians.

1. Host an awards ceremony

Take some time over the lunch hour or host a special evening social hour to honor your technicians. Consider opportunities to award your technicians in fun and meaningful ways. Certificates like ‘Most Positive,’ ‘Hardest Worker,’ and ‘Most Detail Oriented’ can show your technicians you’re paying attention to their work. Looking for something super simple? Check out our certificate template here.

2. Hand out gift cards

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially when they’re in recognition of hard work. Reward your technicians with gift cards to some of their favorite places (e.g., coffee shops, gas stations, etc.). Hand them out all at once or as an occasional incentive for those who go above and beyond.

3. Write a personal note or card

There’s truly no better way to acknowledge your employees personally than through a handwritten note or card. Thank them for their dedication and highlight some of their accomplishments to let them know you’ve noticed. If your technicians work with other pharmacy employees throughout the day, have them sign the card as well.

4. Bring in a sweet treat

Nothing says thank you like a baked good. From chocolate chip cookies to cupcakes, you can’t go wrong with gifting food. It’s a quick and straightforward way to recognize your technicians and thank them.

You can even add some flair by ordering pharmacy-themed cookies like these. And to make it even more meaningful, consider adding a handwritten note for each technician.

5. Gift something unexpected

There’s nothing wrong with gifting useful items like keychains, water bottles, or t-shirts, but there’s something to be said about unexpected gifts. Is your technician planning an upcoming trip? Consider purchasing an Uber gift card or passport holder as a small gesture of gratitude. The more personal the gift, the more they will know you’re listening!

6. Just say ‘thank you’

These two simple words make all the difference when a technician feels overwhelmed or under-appreciated. Knowing you recognize the hard work they are putting in is a massive step in making them feel valued at your pharmacy.

These are just a few examples of how you can celebrate your pharmacy technicians this National Pharm Tech Day and beyond. Use any or all of them, or even come up with some fun ideas of your own.

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