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      NHA Launches New Employer Training Eligibility Pathway

      National Healthcareer Association (NHA), the largest allied health certification agency in the nation, announces a new training eligibility pathway to certification for their employer partners as a way to address critical healthcare recruitment and retention challenges.

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      NHA and California Pharmacists Association Partner to Expand Pharmacy Technician Certification Offerings

      Posted by Kate Ressler on January 2019


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      Apprenticeships benefit the allied health sector

      Posted by Jessica Langley on November 2018


      Apprenticeship programs follow a tried and true model that has built the modern American economy. What was once a common method for training in the manufacturing and trade area has now spread across the healthcare sector.

      The model is working in healthcare, and the introduction has happened at the right time. With employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow by 18 percent from 2016 to 2026 —  adding 2.4 million new jobs — apprenticeships help create a new avenue for empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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      Healthcare and Education Sectors Seeing Shakeups

      Posted by Jessica Langley on September 2018


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      Nearly 40 percent of healthcare employers are offering continuing education to allied health professionals

      Posted by Stefanie Voth on July 2018
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      Motivational Interviewing is Changing the Conversation

      Posted by Stefanie Voth on July 2018


      Article originally featured in access™ 2018, volume II

      Contributor: Patricia Shane, Ph.D, M.P.H.

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      Doctor-Turned-Patient Shows the Value in Being Your Own Healthcare Advocate

      Posted by Stefanie Voth on July 2018

      Article originally featured in access™ 2018, volume II

      Contributors: Dr. Rana Awdish, MD

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      NHA Presents at CECU Annual  Convention: Advanced Analytics Empower Educators

      Posted by Jessica Salley on June 2018

      It's a problem every educator faces: how do you tailor your review process to place greater focus on areas where your students need the most help? This can be especially complicated when individual student needs are so different. When teachers have to make assumptions based on generalizations, instincts or unreliable data, some students are left behind and real improvement is a significant challenge.

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      The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program approves NHA as a Sponsor Organization of CAAHEP and MAERB

      Posted by Jessica Langley on June 2018

      NHA is excited to announce a new sponsorship with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP), the largest programmatic/specialized accreditor in the health sciences field and Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB), one of the Committees of Accreditation (CoA) for medical assisting education programs under the Commission.

      The goal of CAAHEP is to assess the quality of institutions, allied health programs and services, measuring them against accepted quality standards. In serving as a CoA of CAAHEP, MAERB is required to review programs based upon CAAHEP’s Standards and Guidelines, create policies that support CAAHEP’s Policies and Procedures, follow CAAHEP’s policies, and recognize and honor the diverse communities of interest, both within and beyond the medical assisting field, that have a stake in the education of medical assistants.

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      National Healthcareer Association (NHA) reaches 750,000 certifications awarded to allied health professionals

      Posted by Stefanie Voth on May 2018
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