One Team Living Our Mission in 2020


2019 was quite the year. We witnessed more people earning certifications for the first time as well as current certification holders recommitting to their professions through certification renewal. Our team's dedication and focus on our mission, empowering people to access a better future, led to the launch of Principles of Health Coaching™ and PharmaSeer™, PharmaSeer™ Math and in the prior year, TEAM Based Care™ — products that expanded our footprint and provided relevant solutions healthcare professionals and employers are asking for.

As we head into 2020, we're grateful for where we've been, excited about where we're going, and remain focused on achieving our goals as one team. We'll continue in pursuit of our mission to empower people to access a better future. Here are a few insights into what's to come.

Solutions to transition toward quality, patient-centered care

As the industry shifts its focus toward patient-centered care, frontline healthcare professionals are taking on more responsibility. Through new product innovation, we are helping organizations strengthen their students' and employees' skills to create a healthcare workforce that meets the needs of employers and patients. We're starting this year of innovation strong and are excited to announce the upcoming launch of PersonAbility™ — a training resource that uses cutting-edge simulation technology to help healthcare professionals develop and fine-tune their soft skills.



A realignment to better serve our customers and our internal teams

As the industry has changed, so has NHA. In 2020, many roles have been redefined. These shifts will better position us to serve our customers, and to continue anticipating market needs. We are prepared to grow with you as your solution provider and are putting more emphasis on the implementation and integration of our products inside your programs. After all, NHA is more than a certification provider—we are your partner into the future of healthcare. We're excited about new pathways for professional growth before, during, and after one's certification journey. This kind of progress is what helps us truly live our brand and mission. 

Continued advocacy for the professions we serve

NHA has been a relentless regulatory advocate for the frontline healthcare worker. We've earned our place as leaders in the industry, and advocacy will continue to be a priority in 2020. The men and women working in the healthcare professions we serve deserve to be supported in what they do and recognized for the value they bring to the healthcare industry. By continuing to show up and engage with both regulatory and legislative bodies, we will help pave pathways for success.

"Our industry advocacy team has tirelessly traveled across the country and back again, working to develop relationships and knock down barriers with medical boards and pharmacy associations. She stays focused on the long game to help more individuals gain access to better futures." - Laura Flynn, Director of Career and Technical Education

A reinvigorated dedication to our mission

Our business culture and strategic direction is evaluated by its alignment to our mission and core values as an organization. We live and breathe our organizations purpose every day, something we are proud of at NHA and that makes us uniquely successful. By staying mission-driven, we work together as one unbreakable team to empower people to access a better future. 

"As I think about all of my teammates at NHA, I can think of examples for every single person of how I have witnessed them living out our mission. That is nearly unheard of in companies. It makes me so proud and honored to work alongside this group of people every day who are passionately dedicated to living out our mission." - Kala Steffen, Business Development Manager

The only thing you can ever count on is change, especially in healthcare. However, because our mission is at the center of everything we do, we can approach change, unknowns and surprises with confidence that we've got one strong team and an inspiring mission to guide us. We're ready for you, 2020, you can count on NHA!




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