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      Should You Consider Stacking an EHR Specialist Certification?

      Since the pandemic, there's been an increased trend to stack credentials. One program has seen a 14-fold increase since early March alone. The ability to earn a credential in a few short months and improve hiring potential is drawing people toward this trend as the job market becomes increasingly unstable. In the healthcare industry, one certification that can be a beneficial skill builder and adds a lot of value when combined with other credentials is the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS).

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      Why CEHRS is a Valuable Credential for Healthcare Workers

      Medical offices and hospitals rely on electronic health records (EHRs) to securely and accurately document patient information. They depend on these systems to organize patient data, medical records, and treatment histories. This information is all critical to patient safety and satisfaction, which is why tech-savvy professionals with EHR knowledge and skills are highly sought after by healthcare employers.

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      What’s EHR and why is it important?

      Healthcare is full of acronyms - and this is one of the most important if you’re pursuing a career in modern healthcare. Find out what EHR is, why it’s important in healthcare, and how it affects you as a current or future certified healthcare professional.

      What is EHR?

      If you’re new to the healthcare profession, get used to hearing these three letters. EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. You might also hear EMR (Electronic Medical Record). There’s a slight difference in what each of these acronyms refers to:

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