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      7 healthcare jokes to tickle your funny bone

      In light of National Humor Month, we're sharing seven of our favorite healthcare jokes, stories and puns.

      Whether you're an allied health student, teacher, professional or employer, taking five minutes to read this post is your prescription for a little fun.

      After all, laughter is the best medicine. 

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      The Medical Care Trend You Need to Know About

      The healthcare industry is undergoing major shifts, and it’s affecting patients and healthcare workers alike.

      “We knew our care team was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be accomplished on a daily basis,” says Lindsay Gainer, Director of Clinical Services and Innovation at North Shore Physician Group. “Additionally, patients were also impacted by long wait times and decreased level of service. We wanted to deliver care in a new and more efficient way, and we knew we needed to make big changes to accomplish that goal.”

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      Signs it’s time to make a career change

      Do you find yourself dreaming about a different career? It’s normal to envision a different life — but how can we tell when it’s time to act on those dreams?

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      The weird history of phlebotomy

      Modern phlebotomy has ancient roots in bloodletting. Keep reading to learn about the weird history of this strange practice.

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