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How to stress less on test day

You’ve studied and prepared as much as you could. Your ready to start your healthcare career. Now the day has arrived — it’s time to take your NHA certification exam.

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Do you really need a healthcare certification?

Some allied health jobs require certification. Some don’t.

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4 things to do after your certification exam

You made a decision that can change your life. You trained. You studied. You prepared. You took the exam. Now what?

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What Does It Mean to be Certified?

You’re thinking about making a career change. Or you’re already in allied health and you want to further your career. You consider getting certified as a CCMA, CET, CBCS, CPT, CEHRS, CPCT/A, CMAA, CPhT …

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Keep and expand on your certification!

Ready to take the next step in your career? We're here for you.

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How to Maximize Your Study Time


Studying for a big exam? It can feel overwhelming — especially if you’re stressed. You might spend hours with your books without anything to show for it but a coffee spill on page 249 and a headache (ouch).

How you study, where you study and when you study matters. When you’re purposeful about your exam preparation, you can perform better with less study time. Here are some tips to try for your next big test.

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