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Resources, news and fun for NHA certification candidates and alumni.

7 Ways to Style Your Scrubs for Halloween

Working on Halloween? Transform your scrubs into a fun Halloween costume! We scavenged the web and found our favorite costume trends you can make using your scrubs.

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New CE Series: Why Customer Service Matters in Healthcare

When you think of customer service, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

A long line of customers waiting to return retail items? A complaint to a manager of a restaurant for a long wait? 

How about healthcare?

If healthcare doesn't quickly come to mind when you think of customer service, it will after you read our newest addition to the Continuing Education (CE) Content Library: "Why Customer Service Matters in Health Care". 

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My Life as a Pharmacy Technician

Authored by Jeremy Sasser, Pharmacy Content Strategist

During my career, the practice of pharmacy has changed … A LOT. In honor of Pharmacy Technician Day I am going to share my journey into the profession.

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5 Ways to Celebrate MAs During Medical Assistants Recognition Week

Every October, Medical Assistants Recognition Week celebrates medical assistants who are at the heart of healthcare. From October 15-19, 2018, employers and educators of medical assistants have an opportunity to honor the contributions these valuable healthcare professionals make in the lives of their patients, healthcare teams and greater community. Here are a few ideas of ways to observe MAR Week in your office or classroom.

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How Medical Assistants Can Celebrate MAR Week With Their Peers

Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MAR Week) celebrated the third full week in October (Oct. 15-19, 2018), is a time to celebrate your hard work, dedication and compassionate care. Your ordinary is extraordinary, and we hope that as a healthcare professional you celebrate your achievements, as well as the achievements of your peers. Here are some ideas to help you lift up and celebrate your fellow MAs so that they can feel seen and appreciated.

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New CE series provides latest developments in trending medication topics

Pharmacy news has recently hit major media outlets. From prescription drug prices to the opioid epidemic, all you need to do is turn on the TV to see that these topics aren't only impacting the healthcare community. But what, as healthcare professionals, do we need to know and do? 

Information in this series may be beneficial to those working in the pharmacy space, hospitals or in medical offices.


At NHA, we strive to bring you the latest information you need to succeed in your healthcare career. We know that in healthcare, changes are happening fast, which is why NHA requires Continuing Education (CE) credits to maintain certification. We work with some of the industry's top experts to author CE content and provide you access to the information you need to know now.

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The Ultimate Guide to Talking About Your Certification

Putting in the time, effort and resources to earn an NHA certification can say something about your character and your capabilities. But how do you let people (especially hiring managers) know about your hard work and meaningful achievement?

We put together some tips to help you talk about your certification — both on your resume and in an interview — to empower you to make the most of your NHA certification.

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Julie Pham, CPhT, Receives First NHA Career Bridge Scholarship

We’re pleased to announce the recipient of the Spring 2018 NHA Career Bridge Scholarship, Julie Pham, CPhT.

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7 things to consider when selecting a certification provider

Choosing an allied health certification provider is a decision that should be made carefully and with intention. After all, it is your career you are talking about. As you research your options, use these seven criteria to give you a clear picture of which provider may be best for you.

1. Accreditation: Certifications should be recognized and respected by an
accrediting body, not just a certificate of program completion. Look for the stamp of approval from a national accreditor such as The National Commission for Certified Agencies (NCCA). It sets standards to ensure that certification programs and their exams meet national industry expectations.

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Mental health, infertility, wound care & bone health: New CE series features trending topics

As an allied health professional, you have to wear many hats. The patients you help come from various life experiences and are dealing with completely different situations, so it's important to have a broad understanding of their health situation. 

Our newest Continuing Education (CE) content series features trending topics that are affecting almost every healthcare facility — mental health, infertility, wound care and bone health. 

  • Infertility
    Did you know that between 5 and 15% of women in the United States struggle to get pregnant?  In fact, the World Health Organization named infertility in women as the 5th highest serious global disability. Read this article to find out about the various types of infertility, identify common causes of infertility, learn symptoms associated with infertility, as well as medications and other treatments that are most effective for treating infertility. 
  • Wound Care Treatment and Management Guidelines
    Wound care is a multi-billion dollar industry and advanced wound care is one of the fastest-growing segments in US health care. This article will describe the components of effective wound care, differentiate types of wounds, explain the various stages of wounds and wound healing, list factors that delay wound healing and list essential principles of wound healing.
  • The Skeletal System
    Taking active steps to improve and sustain bone health will help to improve the patients’ quality of life well into late adulthood.  This article will include a review of the skeleton, go through the phases of bone development, discuss different types of bone fractures and diseases, and discuss how to keep bones healthy.
  • Mental Health: Bridging the Gap
    This article illustrates the growing need for mental health care, investigates the gaps in providing services, and explores the use of behavioral health integration as a creative way to meet clients’ needs and deliver care in a cost effective manner.   


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