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Inventory Management Is Not Just for Pharmacists: The Growing Role of the Pharmacy Tech

Medical assistants: the perfect coach to add to your care team

Episode 2: Interviews from PTEC

3 Strategies to Train & Retain Top Allied Health Talent Across Generations

My 200 Hours With Medical Assistant Educators and Employers

5 ways to become a thought leader

Episode 1: Introducing OnScript with NHA

3 ways online learning resources can help you stand out as an instructor

How the US Women’s World Cup Team inspires us to do better in the classroom and beyond

How the pharmacy technician role is evolving

7 things to consider when selecting an allied health certification partner

4 Things We Learned by Bringing Allied Health Educators and Employers Together

Celebrating CTE Success and Certification

The 2019 edition of access™ now live!

Patient Care Tech Outlook & Trends

2019 Industry Outlook

Stepping Into Unexpected Opportunity

Cultivating a Personal Brand

Simulation: Changing the Game of Healthcare Training

Bringing 'COOL' Opportunities to Sailors

A Young Solution for an Aging Population

Overcoming Obstacles and Determined to Thrive

Finding Common Ground through Cultural Sensitivity

Journey from Family Caregiver to Certified Allied Health Professional

Translating Military Training into Certification in Civilian Healthcare

Prepared for Take Off: From Travel Agent to Certified Pharm Tech

The First Pharmacy Technicians to Give Immunizations: How Idaho Did It

5 Trends Transforming the Continuing Education Landscape

The Business Case for Cultural Sensitivity

7 things to consider when selecting a certification partner

Doctor-Turned-Patient Shows the Value in Being Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Preparation & Dedication: a Winning Combination

Health Science Program Offers the Opportunity to Experience Healthcare in High School

Motivational Interviewing is Changing the Conversation

The Role of Medical Assistants: Growth, Opportunity & Challenge

MACRA: What Employers & Medical Assistants Need to Know

The Value of External Learning

Soft Skills – Inherent or Learned?

Lean Management in the Ambulatory Practice Setting

Pharmacy Technicians: The Changing Role in Telepharmacy

The Importance of Nutrition in Health Promotion

Pharmacy Technicians: Taking an Active Role in Medication Therapy Management




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  • Aug 15, 2019 6:00:00 AM |
  • Jessica Langley

Medical assistants: the perfect coach to add to your care team

  • Aug 6, 2019 5:00:00 AM |
  • Kate Ressler

Episode 2: Interviews from PTEC



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